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CardBot generates up to ten hands of cards using one or more standard poker decks. The number of decks used, number of hands dealt, cards per hand, and disposition of the cards (face up or down) can all be determined when the hands are generated.

The dealer always receives a copy of all hands with all cards revealed. All others receive a copy of all hands with face up cards revealed.

To use CardBot do the following:

  1. Fill in a brief Description and select the number of standard playing card Decks to use in the deal.
  2. Lay out a representative hand by picking how cards are dealt, Down for face down, Up for face up, Off for unused.
  3. Fill in an Email address and optional Name for each hand to be dealt.
  4. Hit Submit, you're done!

If you are sending rolls to a mailing list (such as a Yahoo Group), please be sure the address [email protected] can send mail to the list. If possible please set this address to NOT receive list mail. My inbox will appreciate it.


Signed rolls can be verified here: http://www.pbegames.com/verify/

Mail Issues

  • No known issues.


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CardBot version 1.0