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This dice roller will roll up to 1000 rolls using up to five different dice combinations. The results will be mailed to one to five email addresses. To use, fill in the form with the appropriate information and hit the Submit button. It supports many kinds of dice and should handle rolls for most RPG or PBM games, or fantasy leagues. If it doesn't handle a dice system you need, drop me a note and let me know.

If you're sending rolls to a mailing list (such as a Yahoo Group), please be sure the address [email protected] can send mail to the list. If possible please set this address to NOT receive list mail. My inbox will appreciate it.

The Display option (see Show Results) may not be safe for actual play depending on usage. Nothing prevents an unscrupulous player from hitting reload repeatedly to obtain results they desire.

Email Addresses

Fill in at least one email address unless the Display option is chosen below. The roller does some rudimentary address checking when rolls are generated, but please double-check addresses for accuracy. All addresses attempted are included in the signed message.

If you want to do blind rolls but still want signatures sent for later verification, check the 'Signature only' box for any address that should receive a signature without results. This can be used to confirm roll results at a later date.

Summary of Rolls

A brief summary of what this roll is for. This field is optional.

Show Results

Indicate if rolls should be emailed to the addresses listed, displayed on a results page, or both.

Number of Rolls

How many rolls of this type are generated (1 to 1000, default 1).


d6 - Roll a single six-sided die and return the result.

4d6 - Roll 4 six-sided dice and return the sum.

4d6L1 - Roll 4 6-sided dice, drop the lowest and return the sum.

3d6S - Roll 3 6-sided dice, return the set of individual results.

4dF - The standard FUDGE die roll.

6d10H1L1 - Roll 6 10-sided dice, drop the highest and lowest, and return the sum.

4d10R1 - Roll 4 10-sided dice, reroll any result of 1.

2d12e10 - Roll 2 12-sided dice, any roll of 10 or greater adds another 12-sided die to the roll.

2d8-2 - Roll 2 eight-sided dice, sum, then subtract two from the result.

1d20,1d8+2 - Roll two separate rolls, a single d20 and a single d8+2. The result will be displayed in curly brackets: { }.

Dice Type

Enter a roll in the form XdY+Z or XdY-Z. X and Z are optional:

  • X is the number of dice in each roll (default 1).
  • Y is the faces on the dice (or 'f' or 'F' for FUDGE dice).
  • Z is the modifier added to (subtracted from) the final dice result (default 0).

Modifiers - Append any of the following modifiers to the roll:

  • EX - Explode dice. Any roll of X or greater on an individual die adds that value to the result and another die to the roll.
  • HX - Drop the highest X dice from the result.
  • LX - Drop the lowest X dice from the result.
  • RX - Reroll any individual die result less than or equal to X until the result is greater than X.
  • S - Return the result as a set of individual dice instead of a sum. If a modifier is specified for a set, it is applied to each die seperately. Sets are enclosed in square brackets: [ ].
  • O - This option can only be used with the 'S' option. It sorts the resulting set of rolls in high to low order.

Note that modifiers must follow the roll. 1d6+1r1 is fine. 1d6r1+1 is not.

You can also include multiple die rolls in a single entry by separating individual dice sets by commas. Multiple entry rolls are enclosed in curly brackets: { }.

Rolls per Line

Enter the number of rolls to display on each line in the output (1 to 20, default 10).


Text included in the mail message with the set of rolls.


Signed rolls can be verified here: http://www.pbegames.com/verify/

Mail Issues

  • No known issues.

The Roller

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