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This is a collection of random generators. To use, just click the appropriate button, which will roll five results. If you don't get a result you like simply roll again. The current generators include:

  • Landmarks - Odd geographic, natural, or manmade features in the wilderness.
  • Mundane Beastiary - Critter / creature descriptions for any setting / genre with critters / creatures.
  • NPC Motives - Brief hooks and motives.
  • Plot Seeds - Plot seeds and ideas.
  • Magic 8-Ball - The classic answers.
  • Modern Vehicles - An assortment of modern vehicles in various conditions selected either by type or randomly.
  • Modern Residences - A selection of random houses and apartments.
  • Chinese Restaurants - A random generator staple.
  • Demonic Creatures - Random nightmarish creatures from the depths of hell.
  • Dungeon Doors - What's behind it?
  • Dungeon Junk - Junk, from the dungeon!
  • Dungeon Noises - Odd noises and sounds to baffle your players.
  • Fantasy Maps - Randomly generated map descriptions.
  • Treasures - Dungeon treasure troves.
  • The Morning After - Where did that character wake up?
  • Cards - Randomly generated sets of playing card hands.

Treasures - Minor Notes

Magic Power Levels

Most GMs like to have a measure of control over the magic items that appear in their games. With this in mind the Treasures generator provides magic item types coupled with descriptions of general power level. The list of power level adjectives, taken from Fudge, is shown at right. When using these descriptions to build magic items consider Terrible and Poor as cursed items, Mediocre as an item with a minor power or a Fair item with a minor drawback, Fair, Good, and Great as 'standard' low, medium, and high power items, and Superb as very special / powerful items.

The current treasure categories include:

  • Artwork - Paintings, sculpture, tapestries, and other decorative items.
  • Coins - Raw coinage, listed as copper, silver, and/or gold.
  • Equipment - Useful gear and equipment.
  • Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous goods and items.
  • Gems - Loose gems, with values listed in GP.
  • Jewelry - Various bits of adornment, with values listed in GP.
  • Magic Items (incomplete) - Magic items of course.
  • Papers - Documents and maps. Most include a hint as to their contents.
  • Raw Metals - Bits of silver, gold, and other precious metals.

Generator version 1.1