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I'm still investigating an Apache/SSL issue. I think I understand the cause, I just need to find the fix. If the site is down, it'll be back as soon as I am done experimenting with whatever fix I'm trying at the moment. Learning is fun!

& Magazine

& Magazine is a free downloadable magazine for AD&D and its many many relatives. Each issue is centered on a specific theme, covering both the player and GM perspectives.

The Campaign TiddlyWiki

This is a TiddlyWiki I've set up to store and organize information for role-playing game campaigns. I've also tried to demonstrate some of the features that make TiddlyWiki such a powerful tool. You're free to use this as you like. You can view it live or save it using the link below.

Most Recent Version

See the version tiddler for details of changes.

Past Version

Map Icons

I dug these black and white cartography / mapping icons by Dominique Crouzet out of the old Inkwell Ideas forums. Since they're very cool, and Dominique released them under CC BY-SA, and old forum links are unreliable, I'm resharing them here. This archive contains the originally released PNG files, along with a separate folder of Gimp brushes I created from the originals.