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WIFCE Global [299] (created by morpao @ 2023-02-01 11:20:43)
Last Update: 2024-07-17 09:06:03
Description: Dice session per wif
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Current Dice Session | Instructions | My Dice Sessions | Manage Dice Sessions

Dice sessions are collections of dice rolls generated by subscribed users and stored in a server-side database. Each roll in the session tracks the dice used, a description of the roll, who rolled it and when it was generated. The general process for using dice sessions is:

  • Create a user account which gives you access to the dice sessions feature.
  • Create a new session or subscribe to an existing one.
  • View a session you're part of to see past rolls or generate new ones.

This page has four main sections:

  • Current Dice Session - Displays the currently selected dice session.
  • Instructions - Displays these instructions.
  • My Dice Sessions - Displays your sessions, your subscriptions, and recently active sessions.
  • Manage Dice Sessions - Provides access to session creation and subscription forms.

Dice Session Access

You always have access to dice sessions you create if you're logged in. If you've created your own dice session and want to let others use it, you'll need to share the session name or the link shown in the session details. You'll also need to share the session password (not your user password of course). Only users with accounts can subscribe to sessions.

To access dice sessions created by someone else you'll need to be logged in and you'll need to know the dice session name or have the direct link, and also have the session password.

Important: The summary information for each dice session, name, description, owner's user name, session link, and activity status, are visible to anyone that visits the session summary. Public sessions allow anyone to see all session rolls as well. Only session owners and subscribers can generate rolls.

Dice Rolls

Each dice roll consists of two parts, the dice, and the description. If you've used the email dice roller you're already familiar with the syntax used to describe dice rolls. If not, see the information below. The description is exactly that, the human-readable explanation of what the roll is for.


d6 - Roll a single six-sided die and return the result.

4d6 - Roll 4 six-sided dice and return the sum.

4d6L1 - Roll 4 6-sided dice, drop the lowest and return the sum.

3d6S - Roll 3 6-sided dice, return the set of individual results.

4dF - The standard FUDGE die roll.

6d10H1L1 - Roll 6 10-sided dice, drop the highest and lowest, and return the sum.

4d10R1 - Roll 4 10-sided dice, reroll any result of 1.

2d12e10 - Roll 2 12-sided dice, any roll of 10 or greater adds another 12-sided die to the roll.

2d8-2 - Roll 2 eight-sided dice, sum, then subtract two from the result.

A dice roll has a basic format of XdY+Z or XdY-Z. X and Z are optional (meaning rolls like d6 or 2d10 are valid). X, Y, and Z have the following meanings:

  • X is the number of dice in the roll (default 1).
  • Y is the number of faces on the dice (or 'f' or 'F' for FUDGE dice).
  • Z is the modifier added to (subtracted from) the dice result (default 0).

Modifiers - Any of the following modifiers can be appended to the end of the basic roll:

  • EX - Explode dice. Any roll of X or greater on an individual die adds that value to the result and another die to the roll.
  • HX - Drop the highest X dice from the result.
  • LX - Drop the lowest X dice from the result.
  • RX - Reroll any individual die result less than or equal to X until the result is greater than X.
  • S - Return the result as a set of individual dice instead of a sum. If a modifier is specified for a set, it is applied to each die seperately.
  • O - This option can only be used with the 'S' option. It sorts the resulting set of rolls in high to low order.

Note that modifiers must follow the roll. 1d6+1r1 is fine. 1d6r1+1 is not.

You can generate a roll that includes multiple dice by listing individual dice rolls seperated by commas (note that this feature is not available on the email dice roller -- yet).

Current Dice Session - Options

  • Roll the Dice using the form of the same name.
  • Use the Quick Subscribe form to subscribe to the current session if you're not already subscribed.
  • Use the Edit Session form to change the session name, password, or description.
  • Session owners can Send an Invite to a player's email address, allowing them direct access to the session. The recipient must be logged in to use the invitation.
  • Use the Change Session Password form to change the session password.
  • Use the Recover Session Password form to reset a lost session password.
  • If a session owner changes the password, you may need to Update Subscription Password

My Dice Sessions - Options

  • Use the View links in the dice session listings to open individual sessions.
  • Use the Unsubscribe links to cancel a dice subscription.

Manage Dice Sessions - Options

  • Use the Subscribe to a Dice Session form to create a new subscription.
  • Use the Create a Dice Session form to create a new dice session.

Other Options

  • Use the quick navigation links near each section title to quickly jump between areas on the page.

Session Retention

Our intent is to store dice session / roll data forever. If it becomes necessary to delete data due to space constraints, we'll certainly issue plenty of warnings and delete the oldest unused sessions first. Note that there is no provision for dice session owners to delete their sessions: let the dice fall where they may.

Test Sessions

There are two test sessions available, one is set up as a public session, one is set to private. If you want to try things out, use these sessions. The password for either is "test".

My Dice Sessions

Current Dice Session | Instructions | My Dice Sessions | Manage Dice Sessions

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Manage Dice Sessions

Current Dice Session | Instructions | My Dice Sessions | Manage Dice Sessions

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